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Elderly Wireless SOS Alarm Pager

Elderly Wireless SOS Alarm Pager


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The Elderly Wireless SOS Alarm Pager is suitable for elderly who are at risk of injury when alone. It allows your elderly family member to call for help around the house by pressing the SOS button. Give yourself a peace of mind and assurance that your elderly parents receive immediate assistance in urgent situations.

  • Features and specification

    • Fully battery-operated and portable
    • 2 SOS buttons available
    • Vibration and LED light appear when the SOS button is pressed
    • Main receiver unit can be clipped on
    • Main receiver unit: Volume can be adjusted
  • Why our customers love it

    Well designed for elderly to call for help

    Safe home environment

    Provides caregivers an ease of mind

    Suitable for elderly with mobility problems

    Strong signals and passes through walls