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Home Assessment

SilverAlly's certified occupational therapist helps to assess the safety of your elderly family member's home environment. The home will be screened for potential hazards and red flags with a focus on safety and enabling your loved one's daily activities at home.

  1. Our certified occupational therapist visits the elderly person's home.

  2. Performs a customised assessment of the home environment and recommends safety and accessibility improvements.

  3. Prepares a report and recommend any home safety modifications needed.

  4. Teaches the elderly how to move safely around the house.

  5. A home visit session takes about 60 minutes.

Why is it important?
Create Elder-Safe Environment at Home
Prevent Injuries
Increase Accessibility & Independence
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How do I know that I will benefit from a Home Assessment?

      I have senior(s) with/without mobility difficulties at home.  

      I want to create a safe home for my senior(s).

      I worry that my senior(s) might fall when I am not home.

      My senior(s) face difficulties moving around the house independently.

Red Flags that you may find at home

  • No assistive devices in the bathroom

  • House not well-lit

  • Rugs/ mats on the floor

  • Electrical cords not neatly organised

  • Clutter around the house

  • No emergency alarm device for the elderly

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