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Exchange and Refund Policy

1. Requests for exchange can be accepted within 14 days (upon receiving the item).

2. You may request for an exchange if you ordered the item through our website and face the following issues:

  • Item received is different from what was ordered – based on the product description on our website (slight difference in dimensions does not count).

  • Item received is faulty or has defects.

3. If you face the above issues, you can also choose to exchange for a different item that has the same or a higher price and top up the difference (limited to 1 exchange). 

4. For exchanges, we will collect the item to be returned from your place, and also deliver the new item to your place.


5. You may request for a refund if:

  • Item received is still different from what was ordered after the exchange, and you do not wish to exchange for a different item.


6. The refund will be credited to your bank account.


7. Call us at 626-515-00 to enquire

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