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Aluminium Foldable Mobile Commode

Aluminium Foldable Mobile Commode


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Aluminium Foldable Mobile Commode provides better stability in the bathroom during shower or toileting. The back support also gives greater comfort, especially if the user is experiencing weakness in the back due to health conditions such as stroke or spinal arthritis. Attached with lockable wheels, it can be moved and set in place at any location conveniently.

  • Why our customers love it

    Foldable to save space

    Easily portable - deployable to multiple locations; can be moved away when not in use

    Lockable wheels to prevent falling

    Comfortable backrest

    Suitable for toileting and showering

  • Features and specification

    • Seat Width: 44.5cm
    • Overall Height: 63.5cm to 66cm
    • Material: Aluminium frame, plastic
    • Adjustable height
    • Weight: 6.9 kg
    • Capacity: 90kg

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