Manual Mobile Recliner Geriatric Chair with Tray

Manual Mobile Recliner Geriatric Chair with Tray


The Manual Mobile Recliner Geriatric Chair with Tray provides an alternative sitting platform that is as comfortable as that of a wheelchair or hospital bed. The contoured seat back and ability to modify chair angles to better suit the users' needs ensures ample support to the spine and neck and maximum comfort for the user.

  • Features and Specifications

    • 3 positioning of recline by manual assistance, infinite positioning available if user is able to adjust on their own
    • Contoured seat back provide lumbar support for maximum comfort
    • Medical grade vinyl upholstery
    • Sturdy, smooth, powder coated frame
    • Serving tray can slide on & off, hang on the side of the chair
    • Auto reclining calf rest while reclining the chair
    • 5" swivel castors with brake
  • Warranty

    • 12 months warranty, excluding wear and tear
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