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Foldable Shower Chair For Elderly

Foldable Shower Chair For Elderly


(GST Incl. Free delivery above $100.)


Foldable Shower Chair For Elderly is great for individuals with mobility difficulties and requires support during shower time. It has anti-slip rubber tips and non-slip seat surfaces that enhance the safety of the user, increasing stability and grip. It can be easily folded up against the wall when not in use, making it suitable for smaller bathrooms!

  • Why our customers love it

    ✓ Anti-slip rubber tips

    ✓ Easy to flip up for space-saving storage 

    ✓ Safer bathroom

    ✓ Waterproof and non-slip seat 

    ✓ Corner hole to hold shower handle 

  • Features and specification

    • Weight capacity of 180kg 
    • Seat size: 40 cm x 38 cm
    • Height: 42 cm
    • Weight of shower chair: 2 kg