Petermann Alpha Sliding Transfer Board

Petermann Alpha Sliding Transfer Board

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Many caregivers injure themselves when transferring their elderly parents from the bed to the wheelchair. The Petermann Alpha Sliding Transfer Board makes transferring easier for the caregivers and help prevent the risk of injury for both caregiver and care recipient.

  • Features and specification

    • Product size: 73 x 32 cm
    • Product weight: 1.4 kg
    • Weight capacity: 200 kg
    • Material: Polyethylene
    • Anti-slip strips ensure board remains secure during transfer
    • 3-part design is flexible and bendable
    • Made in Germany
  • Why our customers love it?

    Light weight and easy to carry around

    Made transfer of patient a lot faster and easier

    Portable due to its flexibility

    Safe transfer of patients due to smooth surface and anti-slip

    Minimal assistance needed for transfer of patient