Aluminium Lightweight Detachable Push Chair

Aluminium Lightweight Detachable Push Chair

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The Lightweight Detachable Wheelchair is ultra-light and foldable, making it ideal for days out and storage in the car boot. The frame is sturdy and comes with safety features to enhance the comfort and safety of the user.

  • Features and specification

    • Seat Width: 16″ / 18″
    • Weight: 11 kg
    • Load Weight: 115 kg
    • Aluminium frame
  • Warranty

    • 12 months on frame
  • Why our customers love it?

    ✓ Detachable armrest

    ✓ Foldable backrest

    ✓ Easy to store and handle

    ✓ Assisted brake at push handle

    ✓ Easy transfer

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