SMART Umbrella Walking Stick

SMART Umbrella Walking Stick


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The Umbrella Walking Stick is a walking stick that looks and acts as an umbrella with safety features. LED lights and alarm are installed in the walking stick making the user's journey safer.  With the safety features, the users can enjoy a safe and convenient trip.

With or without MP3
  • Features and specification

    • Lightweight aluminium frame
    • LED head light and Night flashing lights
    • Detatchable umbrella
    • Alarm
    • Self supporting tripod base

    With MP3

    • Auto fall alarm
    • SD card
    • Radio
  • Warranty

    • 12 months for factory defects
  • Why our customers love it?

    ✓ Convenient

    ✓ Lightweight and sturdy

    ✓  LED lights to increase visibilty of

    ✓ Flashing night light 

    ✓ Keep user safe from rain/sun

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